COOCHEER High Pressure Washer (Limited to 9899 Yen) 1,400 W,
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COOCHEER High Pressure Washer (Limited to 9899 Yen) 1,400 W,

Powerful with high pressure. Maximum pressure of 10.5 Mpa may reach 420 L/h of water discharged. Enough to restore the surface of objects by rinsing away dust and dirt. High and low pressure can be operated freely. This high-pressure washer removes stubborn stains on windows and cars by the power of water that sprays at high pressure. Excellent durability
【Multiple Options】Patio cleaner is suitable for cleaning large areas such as floors, patios, pathways, walls, house walls, garage doors, etc. Soap bottle with foam nozzle It is easy to clean and can remove any kind of dirt. Especially suitable for car cleaning. The two nozzles are suitable for all the scenes above
Lightweight and Clean: 32.8 ft (10 m) high pressure hose + 16.4 ft (5 m) power hose + water pipe 9.8 ft (3 m), total length of 59.9 Maximize cleaning area The weight is 13.1 lbs (6.4 kg), so it can be easily controlled by people with weak strength. Accessories: High pressure gun, detergent bottle and cable can be stored neatly In addition, the pressure washer is easy to assemble
(Direct Water Connection & Self-priming Use, East & West Japan) Connects directly to the water supply and has a self-priming function, so you can pick up water from a bucket and other water so you can use it anywhere you go. This household high pressure cleaner is environmentally friendly, and has excellent water conservation as it can be used in buckets of water, and the remaining hot water in the bath. The frequency is 50/60 Hz, and can be used in both east and west Japan
(Safe to Use) COOCHEER high pressure cleaner has TSS (Total Stop System). When the trigger is not pressed, the pump will automatically turn off to save energy and extend the life of the pump. Additionally, IPX5 waterproof and CAS certified ensures the safety of water and electricity. Enjoy the warranty we promise until 3 years of purchase If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will reply you within 24 hours

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