JP-A20-CO2 Inflator for bike -with commission

JP-A20-CO2 Inflator for bike -with commission

【Super easy and fast】 With the rotate design, you can inflate air with one hand into the tire in just a few seconds and regulate speed of CO2 release for precise adjustment.
【Universal Cartridge Pump】 Twin valve head is compatible with Presta and Schrader valves and the head of the pump fits seamlessly on any size of CO2 cartridges (12/16/20 / 25g). CO2 cartridges not included.
【Safe and Efficient】 There are two rubber EVA foam covers (only for 16g cartridges) included to prevent your finger from getting frozen. Washers seal the threaded connection and ensure that no leakage occurs.
【Small and durable bicycle tire pump】 The weight is only 25.3g. It is small and light enough to carry.

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