I50 PSI electric Car Compressor

I50 PSI electric Car Compressor

✔High-efficiency 150PSI inflating: Tyre Inflator has a maximum inflatable pressure of 150PSI/10, 3 Bar. The package is full equipped with accessories. Electric Inflator can be used for all kinds of bicycles such as mountain bike, racing bicycle, BMX and is suitable for Schrader valve, Presta valve and Dunlop valve . It can also be used for motorbike, sedan car, balls or swim ring.
✔Multifunctional Pump: Portable Electric Pump with power bank and flashlight function, built-in high-quality rechargeable lithium battery can be used as mobile power for Android and IOS devices. It can also be used in emergency situations, 80 lumens LED light which provides up to 7h of enduring lighting . It's a very practical tool to meet your daily needs.
✔Stylish and portable Mini Pump: CYCPLUS pump has a unique,exquisite design, it weighs only 336g. Equipped with custom bicycle bracket so you can carry it with your bike or just throw it in your backpack or car. Tips: Usually, the air inflator should be charged each two month even though it was not be used. this is because all the electric pump exists self-discharge when it is shutdown. if you do not charge it for a long time, the battery will be over-discharged and leads to battery damaged.
✔Automated inflation, easy to operate: After connecting up to the tire valve screen will display the current tire pressure, so you can detect whether the tire is leaking at any time. Then preset the target pressure and press the POWER button, it will stop automatically when reaches the target pressure.
✔Anti-dazzling digital LCD display : The screen adopts FSTN technology and provides a wider angle of view with higher definition, making the LCD display ideal for outdoor applications where readability in sunlight is essential. You can easily see the tire pressure, Battery level and four air pressure units .

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